Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Smelling Brownies

A few days ago, I did something wonderful. I made chewy, chocolatey, delicious brownies. When I tugged open the creaking oven door to check on my dessert, the scent wafted over me. 

In fact, I smelled like brownies until I took a shower. It was kind of gross.

Quiz time! What's one thing that adds magic to books?

Answer: using the five senses! Touch. Taste. Sight. Smell. Hearing.

The reader's imagination is a wonderful thing. It creates a world from a scattering of symbols on a page. C-H-A-I-R become a actual figurative chair. Bet you pictured a chair in your mind, didn't you?
But why not take it a step further? Describe how the chair feels! What it smells like! Get a little weird and describe the taste!

Each of these steps adds more details that makes the imagined world come to life. 

That said, don't go overboard. Ever read one of those books were a guy smells like three very specific things that don't have any relation to each other? Well, I have. It's unbelievable. Unless your character has a nose that rival's Gus' from Psych. I'm talking "Super Sniffer."

 Keep it simple, but keep it descriptive. Your readers will find themselves immersed in your story, and your world will become as real to them...

As it is to you.

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