Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Classics Challenge: Mid-Month Update

I want to go back to November 2015 (when I was preparing the Classics Challenge list) and talk some sense into Younger Emily. These 500+ page books are ridiculous!

You can guess my progress with Gone With the Wind from the above. Although I'm not halfway through the book (page 296, in fact), I'm really enjoying it. Margaret Mitchell is amazing at characterization. From Scarlett to Rhett to Charlie... They all seem like real people with real faults. Except for the perfect Melanie Wilkes!

Interestingly enough, although Scarlett is extremely selfish and contemptuous, I find myself liking and sympathizing with her (for now). Especially that ill-advised marriage when she was sixteen. An important lesson to teenagers--listen to your parents! If Scarlett had considered her mother's advise, her life might've gone in a different direction!

As for my favorite character... This should come as no surprise. Rhett Butler. He is such an interesting "gentleman." I put that in quotes because no one in the south considers him a gentleman. Which is probably why I like him, alas.
And least favorite... Scarlett's father, Gerald. I like everything about him except his selfish absent-mindedness (I suppose Scarlet got this trait from him). If he had done his duty as a father and paid attention to his daughter, she might've avoided her unhappy marriage to Charlie which skewed her entire life.

Can you tell this marriage disturbed me?

Though I'm almost 100% sure that I won't finish Gone With the Wind, I'm going to keep reading and hopefully pick it back up once my Classics Challenge is over.

Meanwhile, watching the movie is in my near future.

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