Thursday, March 31, 2016

Classics Challenge: "The Great Gatsby"

I finished "The Great Gatsby."

And I absolutely hated the book. More so than last month's Classics Challenge "Pride & Prejudice." In fact, if TGG was longer, I probably wouldn't have finished it either.

Oh, where do I start?

If you remember from my Mid-Month Update, I wasn't too pleased with the characters. Aside from Gatsby and Daisy that is.

Now that I'm finished, let me just say... I didn't like ANY of the characters. Daisy was a weak-minded girl who couldn't figure out what she wanted (or establish any convictions). Her flaw came down to an inability to withstand the trials that come with love. Instead of waiting for Gatsby when they first knew and loved each other, she caved for someone who was available in a proximity sense. Never mind that Gatsby was fighting in a WAR

Why don't I like Gatsby?

He doesn't understand what love is. He claimed to "love" Daisy. Way off base. Gatsby, my man, what you have isn't love. It's obsession. Love is wanting the absolute best for someone. You went about the right way, trying to make money so she could live comfortably (albeit illegally...). But trying to get her to leave her husband? That's a big no-no.

Guys, for future reference. Throwing big, drunken parties is not the way to impress your girl.

Of course, I might be typing a different tune if these characters had redeeming qualities or learned a lesson. I won't spoil the ending for you (though I've spoiled plenty already), but none of these characters were improved. None of them learned their "lesson." Though I suppose Tom realizes that he could lose Daisy. So maybe that's something.

Overall, "The Great Gatsby" is definitely not on my "favorite classics" shelf. In fact, I can't wait to return the thing to the library.

I will not be watching the movie.


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