Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Double Dipping

If you ever hop on my website (or my goodreads) at any given moment, you might find I've got two books on my "Currently Reading" list.

I'll admit, that title is deceptive. Why? Well, yes, one of the books I am reading

But the other I am listening

I'm actually an ardent fan of audiobooks (see me confess my love here). Which is why I usually read a book and listen to a book at the same time. 

Unlike reading two print books, I don't get confused on plot/characters. Maybe because it's two different mediums, I'm not sure.

Side note: if you can avoid it, don't read two print books at the same time. Speaking from someone who has, it involves a round of high-cardio mental aerobics to piece out which plot string goes where and which character belongs to whom.

I won't delve into my praising of audiobooks--since I've done that already. But I will mention that if you're reading a print book and getting a little tired of it, consider listening to an audiobook to break up the monotony (or vice versa). 

One thing I've noticed while reading a classic novel and listening to a modern audiobook, is how differently our stories are told today. Back then it was either all dialog or large chunks of description. Whereas in the 21st Century we meld them together into an attention-grabbing conglomeration of words.

Very interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

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