Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I'm venturing into embarrassing waters.

I'm traveling back in time.

I'm probably going to regret this.

Commencing Friday, December 18, I'm starting a new vlog series that will last for...quite awhile. Okay, you might be thinking: Why so many series? You're already doing the Classics Challenge. (Which you're free to take part in, by the way)

Well, dear, this is on an entirely different platform. Plus, it's going to be a fun experiment. For you, at least. I'm pretty sure I'll die of mortification before it's over.

Introducing: Elementals: A First Novel Dramatic Reading.

In case you don't know, Elementals was my first ever full-length, finished, queried book. *Cringe*

I haven't read or even touched the manuscript in at least three years, maybe more (I wrote it back in 2010) so you'll get my first-hand reaction to newbie Emily's blunders.

Just to whet your appetite, scrolling through (without reading), and clicking on random lines produces the following teasers:

“Anna, get yourself together.” He shook my shoulders, pulling me out of my semi-conscious state. 

I unhooked the bow from its binding and held it up triumphantly. “Bristan, look, I can use my bow.”

She looked like she had died not five minutes ago…then why was her dress so rotten?

Oh, my. This is going to be worse than I thought...

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