Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Steps of Allergy Acceptance

The time is upon us...

Those with Fall Allergies are preparing...

The tissues, the eye drops, the anti-histamines...

I too am one of these Fall Allergy sufferers. I'm knee-deep in itchiness (mostly my eyes). But, guys, it's still technically summer. What in the world? Ensue the Grieving Stages below.

1. Denial
My nose is a little tingly. I don't have allergies. Puh-lease.

2. Anger
Summer isn't even over--WHAT IS THIS?!

3. Bargaining
I don't need to take my allergy meds yet. It's just a tickle...

4. Depression
Goodbye, bonfires, hikes in the kaleidoscope of color. Hello, hiding in my house with windows shut.

5. Acceptance
Here's to a pill-a-day until everything dies (aka winter).

Happy allergy season, fellow sufferers!

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