Thursday, August 27, 2015

Get. Back. Up.

Take a gander at the sidebar labeled "Updates & Happenings." If you're feeling lazy, here's a screenshot...

See those highlighted portions? Those are the current stats for THESE WICKED WATERS. And these stats aren't counting the agents who equate silence with a big fat NO.

I queried fifty agents.

So basically, imagine that 25 as an enormous five, zero.

What's my reaction, you ask?


Excuse me, rejections in my inbox, I really don't care about you (anymore, at least). I've heard the phrase thrown around writerly circles, "Don't give up until you send 100 query letters."

Well, guys! I'm only halfway there. I've done some tweaking on my query letter to alter the focus to other elements.

Placing in the few contests that I already have is proof to me that THESE WICKED WATERS is worth something.

I'm not giving up.

Neither should you.

Even if it means totally redoing your query letter, your cliched plot, or your synopsis.

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