Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Listen Well, All of You!"

...To quote Maleficent.

How do you read books? With your eyes? Or, maybe, on occasion... with your ears?

I'm talking about audiobooks. Not some new kind of technology that lets you see with your ears. (That would be kind of weird.)

I've always been a big audiobook fan. There are some books that seem interesting, but I can't quite get into without someone reading aloud. In fact, there are a lot of books I would've abandoned, if I hadn't been listening to them. My roommate/sister knows the woes of this. Many times while I'm rudely listening without headphones, she complains about the plot or how stupid the characters are being.

This usually earns her a "Be quiet, Maddie! UGH!"

One of the things I love about audiobooks is you can "read" on the go or while doing monotonous tasks. I've been hooked on Robin LaFever's His Fair Assassin series (the audiobook version--the print version didn't do it for me years ago). At the moment, I'm on the final installment: Mortal Heart. All the narrators have been AWESOME. I listen Mortal Heart in the shower, while I'm cleaning, eating, and driving. It's great! Hand-free enjoyment.

(Feel free to click the pictures, they'll take you to the Goodreads page!)

So, when was the last time you listened to a book for a change? You never know, it might open up a whole new, unexplored literary world!

Ah, wait, I forgot. Audiobooks do have one downside.

You can't skip to the end to see what happens ;)

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