Thursday, September 24, 2015

Idea to Pages: Building My World (Part 1)

Emily Layne's Steps to Write a Book:

Step One: The Inspiration & Jewelry
Step Two: Prepping My Muse
Step Three: Building My World (Part 1)

Up next on my blog series, Idea to Pages, is the first part of Step Three. I'm building my world!

Normally, I would research and implement the main setting of my book during this stage--and I will. But SECOND-HAND SCAVENGERS is jam-packed with historical events. Which means lots of fact compiling before I even nail down the "future world" that one of my main characters is from.
At first I thought all the research would be daunting. I can't say I ever loved history class. 
But boy was I wrong.
History is so interesting! I won't spoil it, but I've chosen eleven time periods to visit from early AD all the way to the late 1900's. Society has evolved and changed so much since then. It's amazing!
Not only has my study given me a better understanding and respect for history, but it's also inspired ways that I can mold the world's future in 2965 (when my book takes place...sorta).
With the past groundwork laid and cemented, next stop... the future!

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