Thursday, January 7, 2016

The "Itch"

Winter has officially settled along the East Coast. For now, anyway. The weather has caught a deplorable case of the "maybe, maybe not"'s. 

Regardless, as much as I love snow (though we don't have any a the moment), I've got the urge to go somewhere warm. Not just warm, but hot. I'm talking palm trees, sandy beaches, and flip flops. 

Unfortunately those places are both out of my price range and currently unattainable (responsibilities, alas!). Are you in the same boat as me? Stuck waiting for June or July to roll around on the good ol' calendar? Stuck. Stuck. Stuck.

Or... are we?

If books count as summer vacations, we are totally not stuck! In fact, I'm prepping to delve into THESE WICKED WATERS, a book that takes place:

1. On an island.
2. At a five star resort.
3. During the SUMMER.

Maybe my body can't be enjoying the sun and heat, but my mind can. That's the wonderful part about books. You can go anywhere. You can do anything. You can be anyone.

And, okay, I'll admit, snuggled up against the cold reading a book gives off very different vibes from stretched out on the beach with a book in one hand and chilled water in the other.

But at least it's something!

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