Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Get Outside

It's currently winter in my part of the world (though you couldn't exactly tell by our temperatures lately). 

Colder weather typically sends people scurrying inside to cuddle under blankets and next to fireplaces. I'm all for warmth and cocoa, but sometimes, you need to brave mother nature and vacate the house.

There's something about fresh air that awakens the senses--especially cold air. In fact, early in my writing career, when I was typing a lot of my novels in the wintertime, I'd sit on my front porch and write. I'd bundle up in a coat, hat, gloves, fuzzy blanket, and stick an electric heater nearby.

It helped get me out of a writing "rut" while te fresh (and chilly) air sparked my imagination.

So are you finding it hard to pen the right words? Or maybe you're just having a hard time finding motivation to write? Well, get outside!

You don't need to be crazy like me, lugging your laptop out in 30 degree temperatures to type. Go for a walk, explore the world around you. Trust me, you'll be richer when you return home than if you'd just been snuggled under a blanket.

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