Thursday, November 19, 2015

18 Confessions of a (Young Adult) Reader

1. I'm not in high school. I'm not even in college. I'm as adult as it gets (without a husband, mortgage, or baby).

2. Sometimes I want to yell at characters for acting so immature. Then I realize they're 16. I'm 23. Ohhhh...

3. Getting close to the end of a book, while worse thing upon worse thing happens, sends me fleeing to Goodreads, hoping for a spoiler.

4. Oh, you're a three book series? Let me wait to read until all of you come out so I don't have to deal with cliff hangers.

5. This book is really popular. Seriously. Like everyone loves it... I vow to never read it.

6. Then, unable to resist, I pick up the book.

7. And am annoyed that it's totally good.

8. So obviously I have to pick it apart with criticism in private to make myself feel better.

9. Audiobooks and showers are a greater duo than macaroni and cheese.

10. Printed books will forever outrank eBooks. Sorry, trees.

11. When I attempt to read eBooks I feel like I'm doing beta critiques. Refer to Number 10.

12. Books and chips are the best things in life, especially when they're combined.

13. If things get too intense, I skim the last few pages to check for a character's name. Oh, good. You didn't die after all!

14. Some ridiculous names exist in YA books. I once tried to replicate this trend (as a kid) and named my MC Suave. Yes, after the hair product company. *cringe*

15. I've picked up so many books just for the cover. And usually end up very disappointed. Curse, you pretty girl in a pretty dress with a pretty background!

16. Stories that don't have some hint of romance aren't my cup of tea.

17. Books without a female lead tend to get overlooked by me. Except for a rare few. Yes, I waited years to read Harry Potter because it was about a boy.

18. I love books. And always will.

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