Thursday, October 8, 2015

Idea to Pages: Building My World (Part 2)

Emily Layne's Steps to Write a Book:

Step One: The Inspiration & Jewelry
Step Two: Prepping My Muse
Step Three: Building My World (Part 1 & Part 2)

Continuing my first half of Step Three in the series, Idea to Pages, I'm concluding the building of my world. 

Part 2 involved a less historical setting. Instead I shifted my focus to the present... and the future! To be honest, this part didn't require as much work as Part 1. Which makes sense, considering I'm particularly familiar with the present-day and the future is entirely up to my imagination.

The freedom in this part was a lot of fun. I got to place my setting somewhere in the U.S. I've always wanted to visit (won't spoil that--you'll have to read the book!). And I got to create a future society decades down the road. 

 Though, while imagining the world past the 21st Century, I couldn't help think of SciFi movies and books before me. Like Edward Balmy's Looking Backward. Balmy's book imagined a society of "universal credit." People in this futuristic world used cards to purchase goods on "credit." Sound familiar? 
Or George Orwell's 1984. In Orwell's society people were monitored by an interconnected web of security cameras. Surveillance. Absurd, right?


Then, of course, there's the well-known movies, Back to the Future. We're still waiting for some of the tech in that movie. But we're getting there (you won't see me on a hoverboard anytime soon though!).

All of these technology concepts came from Balmy and Orwell's imagination, but today they're in common use! It's crazy to think, far down the road, that some of my imagined tech could be real--even used by people!

Though 2965, my futuristic world, is awfully far away, and it's doubtful I'll live to see my imaginings become real. And, to be honest, I think that's a good thing.

Soon to come, Step Four: Let the Plotting, Begin!

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