Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Classics Challenge: Mid-Month Update

Let me just ask you, why is LORD OF THE FLIES a classic? 

I'm serious, why? This book just tells us what we already know: human nature is a dirty dark creature. Left unchecked, the monster rears it's ugly head.

Now for another question, why did I put this on my list?

I've done a pretty lousy job of picking books, haven't I? But this one is short, which definitely means that I will finish it.

LORD OF THE FLIES is a little confusing at the start. It opens with two boys wandering down a "scar" (a path made by a crashing plane in the jungle). It's not clear how these boys managed to escape a plane crash uninjured (or the numerous other boys who survive, for that matter).

This isn't the type of book you can immerse yourself in. Furthermore, it's difficult to explain to someone else what's happening. The plot points are so random and blur together. Probably because not much happens...until something happens. It's hard to explain.

Either way, I'm vaguely aware of how this book is going to end, courtesy of popular culture. 

I will be honest and say that, a few nights ago, when I was sitting in bed reading, I got very creeped out. The boys talk about this unseen "monster"...

And, yeah. I had to put the book down.

Because I got scared. So there's that.

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