Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rhode Island Run-In's

If these tweets during the six hour car ride are any indication...

...my recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island was an interesting one. (Too bad I couldn't leave my cold behind) I've never travelled farther north than New York City, so visiting "the ocean state" was quite the experience. Not only is it colder up there, but the water is so blue. And I'm not talking "tropical" blue. I'm talking a deep, mysterious, sapphire blue.

Not only that, but everything is rocky. The beaches, the front yards, the soil. Fences and property lines were a plethora of rocks. Some mansions even had enormous boulders in their front yard!

Seeing the ocean again really helped me with TWW. Imagination will only take you so far! While on the Cliff Walk one night (a path that takes you along, well, cliffs as wells as the ocean and past mansions), my fear of the sea rekindled. Ever since my "incident" two summers ago, the ocean has terrified me. Coincidentally, my main character, Annie, is scared of water too. Now that this fear is fresh in my mind, editing TWW will be that much easier. Though, in the picture below, I look more cold than scared. Next to me is my mom. Which of us looks colder? We like to call ourselves Red Riding Hood and The Astronaut.

Another interesting place we visited in Newport was the Vanderbilt's "summer cottage." I'll let the pictures speak for me here.

Amazing, huh? There's not much left to the imagination here!

Rhode Island was a beautiful state, but I have to say, there's nothing quite like home.

And I don't think there ever will be.

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