Thursday, April 28, 2016

Classics Challenge: "A Tale of Two Cities"

Oh, boy.

I'm really embarrassed. Last update I mentioned how A Tale of Two Cities was picking up and I was on page 150 or so.

Well, it's almost the end of April and I'm currently...

On page 163.

I just can't stand Dickens' writing. Trust me when I say that I tried. I even had my youngest sister read aloud. She giggled at the wording every few sentences. It was that bad.

Not to mention A Tale of Two Cities jumps around with different POVs. Which always made understanding what was actually happening that much harder.

In the end, I'm closing the book on this one (ha ha, punny!). Maybe I bit off more than I could chew with this whopper of a book. Maybe it would've been different if Dickens wasn't so satirical and complicated with his writing.

Maybe, maybe, maybe...

This isn't much of a review, but if you have lots of time and enjoy thinking while you read, then this book is for you. Otherwise, you may want to choose another classic.

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