Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wading Into Editing Waters

Last month I posted about how I'm editing THESE WICKED WATERS via the Kindle app on my tablet.  Well, I've just finished the first round. 64 pages of notes later, and I'm ready to make changes (read: lots) to my book. A book that I once thought was 100% perfect.

Sheesh. Kinda embarrassing, guys. Like, embarrassing to the tune of fifty query letters sent out. And fifty subsequent rejections.

But these changes are going to be epic. I am so, so, so excited. It's like comparing the mess that was The Hobbit trilogy to The Lord of the Rings. (Hint: the new version of TWW is going to be LOTR)

It goes to show you, that sometimes you need a HUGE break from a WIP to make it really able to shine. In fact, this time last year I started writing TWW. Crazy how things move so fast, isn't it? Well, this time around I'm going to move slow and steady...

And win that race!

Er, agent.

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