Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Writer's Kind of Valentine

For some, Valentine's Day comes in two flavors: relationship or single. 


Though I'm most definitely unattached, I prefer to look at Valentine's Day in shades of grey. Mine was a peppy just-after-it-rains hue which involved pampering, splurging, chocolate, James Stewart, and fondue.

A girl has to treat herself every now and then. What better excuse is there than Valentine's Day? So treat myself I did. I won't go into the details of my purchases, but I will share the one I'm most excited for:

The Book(ish) Box. A monthly subscription box for book lovers. Coincidentally, I won't get this "gift" until March. But I'm a patient girl. I can wait.

Is it March yet?

One thing I did get to enjoy the "day of" (or shall we say "Friday of") was the fondue. This has subtly become a Layne tradition every Valentine's Day. Which I totally, 100%, and irrevocably approve. As you can tell by the loving joy in my face below.

Now fondue is the kind of delicacy that has to be eaten with an activity. Movie, board game, painting your nails... You see what I mean. The first selection was My Fair Lady. A movie I'd never seen, but it had Audrey Hepburn and the musical was referenced in a particularly sweet episode of Call the Midwife so I thought, Why not? A perfect pick for Valentine's Day!

I wanted to like it. Really I did. But just... I'm sorry... NO.

But in swooped James Stewart so save the day! Or should I say, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Oh, Americans. If we only had a man like this Mr. Smith in the senate today...

Also another "if." If someone like this character exists in the real world, well, maybe I'll have a different color for Valentine's day next year.

Ahem. That aside, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was a fantastic movie that had me sweating right along with Mr. Smith during the cinema-famous filibuster. Was that too much information? Oh, well.

After the movie I traipsed upstairs and got ready for bed. 1) Because it was 9:00 and 2) I go to bed early, okay? 

But it somehow I ended up on me eating the entirety of the nine salted caramel chocolates my dad got me.


All in all, it really was a marvelous Valentine's Day, and I'm already looking forward to next year. 
What about you? How did you spend your Day O' Love?

I hope it and all the days after are truly "loverly." (Yes, I did get to that part in My Fair Lady!)

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