Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mid-Month Update: "Pride & Prejudice"

I might as well admit it up front and honestly...

I don't like "Pride and Prejudice" as much as I've enjoyed the other books in the Classic Challenge. Not to say that reading the book is painful, but I'm not excited to pick it up. There could be three reasons behind this.

1. I've seen the movie like a million times. Both the BBC original and the American remake. I'd tell you which I thought better, but I don't want to start a riot. Knowing how the story is going end isn't a huge driving force toward turning pages. I know all the twists and turns already.

2. It feels like Jane Austen is making fun of me. What in the world? You must be thinking. She's been dead for over a hundred years. How could she be making fun of you? Well, let me explain. When I read, I read to relax. I don't read to nitpick what characters say or try to comprehend complex plot points. Well, with "Pride and Prejudice" this is impossible. Suffice to say, Jane Austen is too witty for me. I don't understand quite a few things that Elizabeth (and other characters) say. And my pride just can't take it.

3. The old fashioned language is a stumbling block. Yes, it existed in Little Women and Wuthering Heights, but I think this language is somehow older. Not to mention the print size in my book is painfully tiny. I have to remind myself not to squint--hello, premature wrinkles. I'm only 23!

So, there you have it. My reasons for not enjoying "Pride and Prejudice" as much as I thought I would. But I'm determined to struggle through. Hopefully come the end of February, I'll have a glowing report to leave you.

I always love happy endings.

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