Thursday, February 25, 2016

Classics Challenge: "Pride and Prejudice"

It'll be a blow to my "pride," but I have to admit it...

I didn't finish PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. 

I know, I know! I'm so ashamed. This is setting a horrible standard for the following books in my Classics Challenge. To assuage some of the guilt, I'll tell you that I tried. I really did. You can even use my sad, deer-in-headlights look below as proof:

All the reasons I mentioned in my Mid-Month Update made it difficult to keep reading. Plus February being a short month and me being only halfway through by the 20th...

Though I love romance, I don't think I'm one for romantic books. Or at least books that don't have at least some kind of danger/battle lurking on the horizon (and by danger I don't mean the rejection of a marriage proposal). 

Drama obviously isn't my thing.

Alas, all I can hope is that things will be looking up next month. I pray THE GREAT GATSBY doesn't disappoint!

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