Thursday, August 25, 2016

Other Outlets

I've learned something horrible.

Something downright distressing.

Ladies and gentlemen, editing doesn't leave much room for the imagination.

Sorry, was that not what you were expecting?

But it's true. While, yes, there is some imagining involved in editing, there isn't much. It's mostly analytical, grammar-induced changes. Far cry from writing or plotting. Due to this lack of use, my imagination has found others ways of expressing itself.

Through poetry.

It all began with a poem I wrote for my dad upon his graduation. Since then, my mind has sparked random lines of poetry. Nothing long or epic, just short, pretty verses. The kind of things you'd see on Pinterest.

e.l.layne is me, in case you were wondering

Which is why I created a Pinterest board to keep track of my non-rhyming dalliances. Click here to check it out!

I've only written three poems so far. I don't force the words, instead allowing inspiration to strike when it dares. Which happens to be at rather inconvient times, might I add.

Poetry is certainly a nice change, but I'm looking forward to planning a trilogy that I've got lurking in the back of my mind. As soon as I finish editing WISHES, MAYBE, plotting can begin!

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