Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Classics Challenge: Mid-Month Udpate

The Time Machine is one interesting book so far.

By interesting, I actually mean I don't want to live in H.G. Wells' idea of Earth in year 802,701. Luckily, that's 800,685 years away. So chances of that happening are very unlikely. 

Halfway through the book, the basics are as follows:

The Time Machine consists of a man (who is our narrator) listening to the Time Traveler (this is literally his "name" in the book) tell his story. The first chapter was a lot of theoretical science, dimensional talk, which I totally sort of skimmed. 

After this, though, the story picks up. The Time Traveler shows up to dinner with guests (of which our narrator is so conveniently present). Except the Time Traveler is worse for wear. He's bloody, limping, and covered in dust.

Thus, the real story begins. The future world consists of child-like people? that are about four feet tall, lazy, and not that intelligent, the Elloi. So far I've only gotten glimpses of the other race, Morllocks. They're described as being white and very ape-like.

And, courtesy of my dad's spoiler... I know that the Morlocks eat the Elloi. What?

Now I'm just waiting for this to actually happen.

I do have to admit I have a hard time taking H.G. Wells' idea of the future because it's so adverse to what I believe it would be (foremost that I don't believe in evolution so the concept of these weird "people" really stretches my imagination). But I'm interested to see where the story goes! Things look like they're picking up. 

Plus the book is only like 109 pages long. So, finishing the book isn't too much of a challenge!

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