Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Classics Challenge: Mid-Month Update

That's it. I can't do it. I just can't.

I can't read another word of Lorna Doone. This is worse than Pride & Prejudice. No lie.

Check out the first sentence of this book...

"If anybody cares to read a simple tale told simply, I, John Ridd, of the parish of Oare, in the country of Somerset, yeoman and churchwarden, have seen and had a share in some doings of this neighborhood, which I will try to set down in order, God sparing my life and memory."

...So, what do you think? Just a word of caution: the entire book is written like this. I can understand, completely, why Lorna Doone is now out of print. I got to the 56th page (I think), and I have given up. It's too painful to read. Especially after the amazingness that is Gone With the Wind. 

John Ridd is an annoying main character, the writing is very lackluster, and the characters speak in a challenging dialect. When Ridd's father was killed, I had no sympathy for him, and I'm a very caring person. It was that bad.

I'll still do an end-of-the-month post for Lorna Doone, but it will just be a link referring readers back here. I've sealed the I'm-not-reading-anymore deal by returning the book back to the library.

Count June's Classic as an epic, epic failure.


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