Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Texan Time

Last weekend I spent four days in Texas with half of my family. If you recall from the news, U.S. residents, the Lone Star state flooded with the amount of rain it received. Luckily, it only really rained the first day we were there.

The one big thing that stood out to me was San Antonio's crazy road system. Ever heard of turnarounds? I certainly haven't, having spent the majority of my life on the east coast (except for that two-year stint in Colorado). It made navigating a challenge, but my mom and I made a great team in our snazzy rental car. She was the driver, and I was the copilot. The GPS was our first in command.

My two favorite places, both inspiring in their own way, was the Japanese Tea Garden and Enchanted Rock. There's a lot of history behind both places. If you are interested from the below pictures, I strongly encourage you to research on your own.

In San Antonio I learned a lot of things. 

1. I love the country. As interesting as the city was (there are HUGE shopping centers every three miles, I swear), when we drove out of the city limits and hit ranch-country...that's where I really started to love Texas.

2. Hotels can turn off smoke alarms remotely (attribute this knowledge to a certain burned bagel). Wouldn't that perk be nice to have at home when the alarms go off at 2 AM?

3. Airports will never be magical. After being stuck at San Antonio International for six hours because of delayed flight, I'm not to keen on air travel. For now, anyway.

4. As much as I adored Texas, there's nothing quite like home. Or, more specifically, familiarity. 

Until my next adventure!

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