Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My LAST Post... EVER

This is goodbye.

After this post, I won't be adding anything else to this website.

Blogger has served me well these last four years through some massive design changes, but it's time to move on...

TO AN AMAZING, NEW, GORGEOUS website that I've dreamt about for so long. A big thanks to Red Rebel Media Group for working with me and doing a stellar job designing the site.

This blog has been with me through the writings of five novels, a plethora of query rejections, and finally getting an agent. The journey has been a bumpy one and more twists and turns lie ahead. Thank you, reader, for being part of it and the life of this blog.

For the sake of reminiscing, check out the first post that I wrote, all the way back on July 1, 2014!!
It's Official

Ahh... July 2014. Back then I was still working as a payroll administrator, writing AFTER ALICE, and debating whether I could actually make a career out of writing.

And now?

Now I am a full time writer, part time administrative assistant. I have an agent submitting THESE WICKED WATERS to publishers. I am determined to be a successful author and create worlds that readers not only want to escape into--but worlds where they want to live.

Below are all of the profile photos I have had since my blog first started. Oh, those bangs! I've learned a thing or two about professional photos since 2014!

And now. The curtain falls...

*Takes deep breath*

*Takes a slow look around*

Goodbye, blog. It's been magical.


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