Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wielders of the Pen Blog Series Kick Off!

I've been excited about this blog series for months!

Which is why today is the best day ever because I get to officially announce it and the fantastic writers who will be joining me. Some categories aren't 100% filled so I'm working behind-the-scenes to add more novelists, and this page will be updated as more join in.

On that note, if you're in a category (or know someone who fits in an open category) feel free to participate/spread the word. Click here for more info.

A new interview will go live every following Tuesday at 3 PM EST. Make sure you're subscribed to my blog so you don't miss a single post!

Below are the categories and the writers who you'll meet over the next few months:

DECEMBER: Writers Yet to Query or Be Published (FULL)
Caitlin Bronaugh, Stephanie, Alexandra K. Moon

JANUARY: Querying Writers (FULL)
Lindsay Adams, Emily Smith, Fiona Claire, Delise Torres, Michael Eigbadon

FEBRUARY: Agented Writers on Submission (FULL)
Heather Christie, Georgina Cross, Tracy Auerbach, Bethany

MARCH: Independently Published Authors (1 Spot Left)
S. J. Henderson, Katherine Bogle, Laura Baugh

APRIL: Authors Published Through a Publisher Only (1 Spot Left)
Abigail Borders, C.K. Brooke, Chanta Gadoury

MAY: Authors Published Traditionally (4 Spots Left)

JUNE: Readers of Young Adult Fiction (2 Spots Left)
Angelee Beauvais, Tako Chikhradze

I'm ready to meet some great authors, how about you?

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