Thursday, October 6, 2016

What Should I Call You?

I agonize over my characters' names. My search history is packed full of baby name websites, name meaning websites, you name it (haha, get it?). Names are a big deal.

Which is why, as I'm brainstorming a new trilogy, I'm struggling to think of the best name for my female MC. For the most part, names just "come" to me. I don't have to spend much time doing research. Like my male MC, whose name is Malachi, in case you were curious. His name popped into my head without much prodding.

My female MC is being more stubborn (not to mention a whole cast of characters I haven't even considered yet!). Which means I'll be scouring the internet for the best moniker. I have something goddess-y in mind. Or at least Roman-sounding.

What about you? How do you come up with names for your characters?

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