Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WOTP: Michael Eigbadon, Adult Thriller Author

Lucky for us, January has five Tuesdays in it! So say hello to the final querying writer in my Wielders of the Pen series: Michael Eigbadon. I had the privilege of critiquing Michael's query letter and a few chapters of his novel. He possesses a wealth of imagination that makes the worlds he builds amazing!

To start on a personal note, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Michael Eigbadon. I currently live in Miami, doing an MBA and running several businesses (data analytics and housing). I am also a writer. Writing is something that I got into in 2004 with my first book, THE LEGEND OF ARCON (or Avarcon in the Arconian language—I invented). I cancelled that book for personal reasons and completed the first draft of my latest novel, DARKNESS AND THE CITY, by the end of that year.

After years of working professionally as a Performance Analyst, Business Support Analyst and Data Quality Analyst, I returned to the book in 2016 to prepare it for querying.

What novel are you currently querying? What is it about in a few sentences? 

I am trying to query the novel, DARKNESS AND THE CITY, a dystopian political thriller. It is follows Intelligence Agent Gee van Gauss in his bid to stop several secret societies from destroying the new superpower, the FRON, in the year 2100.

 Who is your favorite character from this book?

Gee van Gauss, because he is the protagonist.

Have you written/queried other books before? 

No, I have not queried other books before. As I mentioned earlier, my first book was Avarcon, which was about the descendant (set in 2004) of a powerful sorcerer at the height of the Sumerian civilization. He finds himself on a mission to stop an evil secret society from resurrecting the wicked Sumerian High Priest and save his father.

What is the hardest part about querying?
Obviously the rejection and not knowing what the agents want, even when you think that you have a slam dunk.

How did you go about picking the agents you wanted to query?

I went about picking agents based on Genres and if they were in New York, California, London, or Florida.

How do you cope with waiting to hear back from agents?
Doing other things like focusing on businesses and school work.

Do you have any tips for writers yet to query or people who are writing query letters?

For a person who hasn’t gotten an offer to represent, I can’t say much. But a lady called Emily Layne is my secret weapon; I recommend her for writers that have no idea where the sun is during a hot summer’s afternoon. (Aw! Thank you! I'm glad I can help.)

Finally, how will you celebrate when you eventually get your agent?
Pray I get a massive advance fee for the book J. I’m a business man. What do you expect?

Michael's a busy man, but he always takes the time to respond to messages (and do interviews!) so make sure you check out his links to stay up-to-date with his querying journey:

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